Vizio Y8385864S (01-60CAP001-00) Main Board

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Part Type: Main Unit, Main Board, VGA Input, HDMI Input, A/V Board, Signal Board, Tuner Board, USB Input, Digital Audio Output, Ethernet Input
Part Number: Y8385864S
Part Usage: LED/LCD
MFR Part Number 1: Vizio 01-60CAP001-00
MFR Part Number 2: Foxconn Y8385864S
Board Number(s): 0160CAP00100ST, 1P-0127X01-4010, 1P-0128J00-4011, 01-60CAP001-00, 1P-012BJ00-4012, E6011A3, E6011A3E
Substitute Parts: Y8386216S, Y8385904S, Y8386194S, Y8386242S, Y8386222S
Panel Sticker Number: JE600D3LC2N

Please make sure you are ordering the right part for your television. Television boards vary not only by the size of the television, but also the model number and model year.

Important Message: This part is compatible with all versions of E601i-A3 and E601i-A3E

This board may or may not have connectors at location CN13 and CN24. 01-60CAP001-00 and 864 is found on sticker.

IMPORTANT: If your TV has No Picture/No Video, this is likely caused by a bad T-con board, and NOT a bad main board.

Symptoms commonly caused by a bad main board in this model include:
-No sound
-Loud noise, then TV shuts down
-HDMI inputs non-functional
-TV will not tune channels
-No internet connection
-Internet apps open and TV locks up